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University Life

is only once,


so we

Work Hard


Play Hard

Harada Seminar Two principles

1. Work hard, Play hard

It literally means to learn and play well.

Some people want to study hard.

And some people want to make best friends, challenge various things, and have fun.

We pursue both because our university life is only once.

Harada seminar is a place where such active students gather.

2. Think out of the box

We, seminar members, decide every activity of the seminar.

Not Prof. Harada. 

Prof. Harada is LEADING us, not TEACHING us. 

Be independent.
But, be corporative.

We research to discover problems in society and company and

make the prescription by the power of marketing.

Under this environment, it is possible to challenge anythings with a free mind.


Problems in marketing of Japanese companies

Japanese companies are now struggling in global competition even though they once showed a strong presence around the world.

Japanese companies are faced with fierce global competition with companies not only from advanced countries such as Europe and U.S. but also from emerging countries such as China.

One of the reasons for the declining Japanese companies is a lack of marketing capabilities.

Japanese companies have superior technologies, so branding is the last piece for revitalizing.


Therefore, we are studying questions as follows;

-What are marketing capabilities for success?
-What are the current marketing issues of Japanese companies?




In order to learn the basics of marketing and the marketing problems of Japanese companies, we read academic books and papers.


At the same time, we start group research (from January).

2nd-year student:

3rd-year stundent:

We continue our research to win the competition of seminar presentation and the prize paper.

We improve our research ability by learning the methodology (quantitative and qualitative research methods and interview methods) and presenting our research every week.

We write a personal research paper as a graduation dissertation and apply for the prize paper.

Also, as a mentor, we guide the juniors.

4th-year student:



Our seminar holds once a week, and a sub-seminar (research activities by ourselves) is conducted two or three times a week for each research group.


During summer vacation and spring vacation,

we have a seminar camp.

In the fall semester of the 2nd year,

we conduct the study by reading academic papers in turn.


'Reading in turn' is a method in which a reporter presents summaries and gives some new topics to facilitate the discussion.


Non-reporters are also required to thoroughly review the

paper, make a short essay, and participate actively.

In group research, we visit companies to interview marketers to know the real business world as well as reviewing previous papers.

About the interview, we have to prepare everything by ourselves from the appointment of the interview to the preparation of the questionnaire, therefore proactiveness is required.

We also participate in a class "Field Study".

We visit overseas's subsidiaries of Japanese companies in the 2nd year and a headquarter of Japanese companies in the 3rd year.

We spend half a year preparing preliminary surveys, and 

we make the appointments by ourselves to visit companies.

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