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Professor of Marketing

The Scholl of Business Administration

Meiji University

DOB: January 23, 1975 

POB:Miyazaki, Japan

Please see the researcher information of Meiji University for a more detailed profile.

If you wish to go to graduate school, please be sure to read "MESSAGE To people who wish to go to the graduate school" at the bottom of the page.


Updated April 10, 2021




Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, 

The School of Business Administration,Shizuoka Sangyo University


Associate Professor and Professor,

The School of Business Administration, University of Hyogo

Associate Fellow, The Centre for Evolution of Global Business and Institutions, The University of York (U.K.)​

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Associate Professor

The School of Business Administration, Meiji University



The School of Business Administration, Meiji University



Basic Marketing(2nd year)

Marketing Management A・B(3rd year and 4th year)

Field Study C・D(2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year)

Seminar(2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year)


Marketing Business(Master)

Marketing Business Seminar(Master)

​Management Theory and Business Administration (Doctor)


Japan Academy of Multinational Enterprises

A Board Member

Japan Academy of International Business Studies

A Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journals,

A member of the Prize Committee

Japan Society of Distribution System


A Board Member

A Director of the International Exchange Committee)

Japanese Society of Commerce

Academy of International Business

Association of Business Historians

Business History Conference

European International Business Association


Increasing brand value is the biggest challenge for Japanese companies to survive global competition.

My research topics are how does a company increase its brand value and what is the relationship between brand value and financial performance focusing on consumer goods companies such as automobile companies.

Specific research topics include:

Organizational and strategical issues of global brand management

Relationship between brand orientation, brand value, and financial performance

Relationship between consumption value and brand attitude

Building Brands in Emerging Markets

Main writings and papers

Harada, S. (2018), "The priority market and global brand management change: Global brand management Change of Lexus," Meiji Management Review, 65(2, 3, 4), pp.89-119. (in Japanese)

Harada, S. (2017), "Market strategy of Honda in motorcycle market in Indonesia" Oishi, Y. ed.  Global Marketing Zero, Hakuto Shobo, Chapter 7. (in Japanese)


Matsumura, K. & Harada, S. (2016), "The relationship between product satisfaction, brand trust, and brand loyalty in the purchase of running shoes," Journal of Japan Sosiety of Sports Industry, 26(1),pp.93-105. (in Japanese)

Harada, S. (2015), "Consistency, Continuity, and Inertia: The Paradox of Successful Global Brand Management," The Journal of Japan Society for Distribution Sciences, No.36, pp.67-76.


Harada, S.(2010), Brand Management, Hakuto Shobo(The best book prize of Japan Society of Distribution System and  Japan Academy of Multinational Enterprises) (in Japanese).


To students who wish to join Harada seminar

There is no answer to problems you will face in the future.
No one knows the answer, so no one can give it to you.

"Independence", "resirience", and "logical thinking"are essential abilities in such the future.

You will acquire these abilities at the Harada seminar.


Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
Please challenge something new.

There is a will, there is a way.

There are many other great seminars in the School of Business Administration at Meiji.
If you are interested in marketing, please join us.
We are very welcome you such a challenger.


To people who wish to go to the graduate school

At the Harada lab in the graduate school, I accept anyone if you pass the exam even though you are not an undergraduate student of the School of Business Administration, Meiji University.
Research themes should be related to brand management, global brand management, and global marketing.
Graduate school is a place for highly academically specialized research.


But, basically, I only accept those who eager to be a researcher, which means a person who plans to go to the doctoral program.
I sometimes accept those who wish only for the master's program, if the research theme is super interesting and clear (of course, it must relate to my research area).


When making inquiries, please tell me why you want to be a researcher and to study under my supervision.
Please be sure to attach the research proposal.
If possible, please attach your paper (an unpublished paper is fine) as well.


* I do not accept research students currently.

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